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Three Ways to Enhance Your Home with Cast Stone

Many builders and homeowners that are renovating today have turned to cast stone to add elegance and grace to their homes. You can find many houses across the country that have accessories made with the affordable natural stone substitute. Below are a few ways to incorporate the architectural stone into your home’s interior and exterior presence.

Range Hoods

Many homes have the traditional wooden cove rover the stove that may house a fan beneath it. The cover may be built into a cupboard that isn’t really exciting at all. Southern Stone Crafters LLC manufactures cast stone range hoods that can breathe life into your kitchen, which may even inspire you to create more exquisite edible masterpieces!


What is an elegant home without some fine decoration? Southern Stone Crafters specializes in custom cast stone ornaments that can liven up your home’s atmosphere. Ornaments can be customized as decorative dйcor for fireplace mantles as well as fountains and other areas of your home that you want to bring special attention to.


If you want to bring character to your staircase or any place in your home that has rails, integrate balustrades to enhance the cast stone architecture in your home. Whether it is landscape fencing or a patio, balustrades can definitely convey the character that you seek when introducing cast stone products into your home. Метки:    Камины   камень   Строительство
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