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SOUTHERN STONE CRAFTERS LLC create your dream home

SOUTHERN STONE CRAFTERS LLC has over 25 years of construction and mold making experience, which is a great advantage as we work directly with your builders and architects to assist in creating your dream. There is no additional charge to our customers for consulting, as we believe the relationship and the communication is a vital role in creating your dream home.

 Our clients encompass homeowners, masons, general contractors, construction management firms, developers, municipalities and architects. The Company provides a full range of services to its diverse clientele, ranging from Project Planning to CAD Drawings and Custom Mould Work to Fast Track Fabrication.

Our mission is to provide cast stone products that look and perform like natural cut stone at prices lower than other manufacturers. Our proprietary casting process allows us to create lightweight cast stone in almost any shape or size for a more cost effective product. This greatly expands the applications of cast stone and saves in jobsite installation time and smaller crew sizes.

We offer a complete line of stone mantelpieces, stone kitchen hoods, kitchen hoods, marble mantels, limestone mantels.

Southern Stone crafters LLC products are warranted to be free from defect. Since this is a natural product, it will have color and texture variations that add to the uniqueness of each piece. Any defective product will be replaced.

Whether a large commercial project or small home improvement, our in-house designers work closely with architects, designers, general contractors, and homeowners to assist each client in value engineering and visualizing their projects. We work hard to ensure that each project looks beautiful, is on time, and within your budget.

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