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Innovative architectural stone

We provide a full product line of our exclusive Lightweight Southern Cast Stone. Our Interior Cast Stone has look and feel of stone at a 30% to 40% less weight than natural stone. It can be used in columns, crown moldings, capitals and bases, parapet caps, wall caps, pier caps, balusters, medallions, window sills, headers, casing, arches, keystones, quoins, brackets, corbels, decorative entry's, mantels, custom design fireplace, entertainment centers, range hoods and much more.

Interior cast stone is innovative material, which became a new word in the history of design and architecture. It is a product in which the light weight of glass fiber reinforced plastic or GFRP and composition with gypsum in its basis come together. It has many advantages over other materials because from the consumers' viewpoint it looks likes a real stone. If person wants to achieve this effect in the interior design, this is the perfect choice for him! It is also well-liked among the clients for the easiness of installation. Interior cast stone can be used for many interior design solutions. Whatever you wish can be made out of this material. Use of interior cast stone is an absolutely new approach to the building process.

If you want a classic stone at a reasonable price, exterior cast stone is an ideal choice! The innovative material will transform architecture beyond recognition. Exterior cast stone is an easy and excellent way to make your dreams come true. Architects before could not fully reveal their imagination. New inventions expanded their horizons and now they enjoy the freedom of self-expression! Exterior cast stone is an improved up-to-date version of cast stone. The first use of cast stones dates back to the 12th century, when the fortification in France was built with the use of this material. Due to the modern techniques, which changed radically the process of production and components of this building material, it has now characteristics, which are highly evaluated. It is temperature resistant, its compressive strength is high and variety of textures and colors, which can imitate any stone, makes it irreplaceable for any designer!

Faux Stone can be used in both exterior or interior applications for crown molding, ceiling details, ceiling beams, corbels, window sills, window and door trim, niches, columns, shelves, electric fireplace surrounds and even entertainment centers, or wherever your imagination takes you!

Faux cast stone is a product which provides the customers with versatility of design look. It can have an effect of old-world touch to the exterior or interior design. The decor of your house can be easily improved with the help of this material. Faux stone producer from Atlanta considers that the explosive growth of this product`s popularity is explicable. Faux cast stone imitates any material and it is hard to see the difference between the real material and the fake.

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