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Improve Your Home’s Interior with Cast Stone

Many homes rely on wooden trim to decorate areas such as around windows and doors, fireplace mantles, staircases and even frames for artwork. However, there is a trend that is hot in today’s home renovations: the use of cast stone materials. This stone product can be made to bring a graceful, contemporary look to homes that are looking for an affordable way to add value and style. Below are a few ways to incorporate cast stone into your home’s interior.


If you’re looking for a bold but traditional look for your home’s entry ways or windows, consider adding keystones to these areas. The cast stone material is a great substitute for brick and will bring beauty to your home while also adding a touch of distinction. Keystones can be added to a brick or custom cast arch assembly and they come in a variety of sizes and designs from which to choose. If you want to explore your options then visit Southern Stone Crafters LLC and choose from a selection custom faux cast stone products that can be shipped anywhere in the United States!


If you want to bring character to your staircase or any place in your home that has rails, integrate balustrades to enhance the cast stone architecture in your home. Whether it is a kitchen rail or part of your elegant stairs, balustrades can definitely convey the character that you seek when introducing cast stone products into your home. Метки:    камень   Камины   стройка
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