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Fireplace is the heart of the house

Southern Stone Crafters LLC offers a complete line of stone mantelpieces, stone kitchen hoods, kitchen hoods, marble mantels, limestone mantels, cast stone fireplace, cast stone range hood, faux stone mantels.

Fireplace mantels appeared in the medieval period and they looked at that time like a hood, which was over the grate and served for catching smoke. Nowadays they lost its main practical use and became the elements of decoration in houses. The modern technologies influenced the design greatly. As methods of heating have changed, the fireplaces became smaller. It is not only the element of decoration; mantelpieces still remain the favorite gathering place for many households from Atlanta in USA to Sidney in Australia. It symbolizes more the warmth and stability of your house and family.

There is no fireplace mental without a hood. What can be more important than the clean air in our homes? We may think that we are protected from harmful influence of the air pollution, when we close the door. But if you have a bad range hood at home, the situation is lamentable. This device over the kitchen stove or a fireplace helps to remove all air contamination. It has a fan inside to force ventilation. Stone range hoods are necessary to get rid of smoke and vapors. Its design is no less significant than functionality. The range hoods can be of two types: vented to the outside, removing all dirt from the air and others without outside vents. The principles of work are different: some work on outside vents, others on charcoal filters. It can be made out of different materials, but cast stone fireplace range hoods and cast stone kitchen hoods became especially popular as they create the charm of old times in your houses.

Balustrades, ornaments and columns will give your house a sophisticated view.

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