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Customer care

Whether a large commercial project or small home improvement, our in-house designers work closely with architects, designers, general contractors, and homeowners to assist each client in value engineering and visualizing their projects. We work hard to ensure that each project looks beautiful, is on time, and within your budget. Many architects are starting to specify Southern Stone Crafters on their projects, and some will accept no substitution.

We have the ability to mass-produce your profile as the molds are computer generated and gang mold are cut. We have a vast inventory of standard profiles and a detailed shapes and designs which we can offer to the architect and builder. The shapes can be adjusted to be used in many ways. It just depends on the imagination of the designer.

Our standard shapes and sizes can be dropped into any plan for a quality custom look. We have been building our inventory of molds for many years. When we do a custom home with a custom entryway, those molds are added to our inventory and can be used again to create completely new designs. It makes the architect's job easier because a new design can be created without the high cost of a custom profile.

We can match the designs that the architect has provided on a set of prints, which results in saving both time and money

Southern Stone Crafters cast stone is made with the same care and quality as our custom cast stone pieces. The major difference is it can be produced quickly, less expensively, and in large quantities thanks to the computer age.

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